Monday, February 17, 2014

You got me

If this looks like it was cold, trust me, it was. We ended up ice fishing on Lake Erie Saturday, Feb. 15, for nearly three hours. We didn't get any hits, nor fish, but everyone that passed us hadn't caught anything either.

ROA Photo By Walter Lucken III

By Mac Arnold
ROA Editor

Despite not having much interest in ice fishing this winter, I was finally talked into it Saturday, Feb. 15.

I kept a close eye on the weather reports just to make sure the weather wouldn't be like taking a walk on Mars.

It appeared all systems go the night before as temperatures were being predicted to top out in the mid-20s.

But you all know that wouldn't stick. And sure enough, Walt Lucken III of Dansville, Mich., my fishing partner for the day's festivities informed me over the phone at 11 a.m. that "maybe we should just get some coffee and make it a recon."


"Yeah, it's supposed to barely get out of  the teens," he warned.

Seems like whenever I get together with Walt on a late season gig that one way or another it has to be a frozen tundra or arctic experience.

However, by this time, I was motivated and decided I wanted to go even if it wasn't more than an hour.

So we continued with the plan to check out Brest Bay on Lake Erie a mere 10 minutes from my Monroe, Mich., trailer.

We located the parking lot and where the nearest bait shop was. Additionally we discovered many shanties out on the horizon. They were dotted along the deeper water beyond "the point," and most if not all, had modes of transportation to get out there on snowmobiles or four-wheelers. One angler cruised past us on snowshoes complete with poles and a sled for his gear attached to his back by a harness. A nice way to get your exercise before your fish and chips.

Too bad my quad has been on ice for the winter. I think for next season that won't be the case.

And even though we didn't get nary a bite, let alone a fish, I liked what I saw. In fact, I'm planning on hitting the ice again this week.

Good recon, indeed.