Thursday, May 14, 2015

Still looking to fool one

By Mac Arnold
RTWO Editor

With bass fishing shows blaring on the television in the background and a belly full of eggs and browns warming my belly, the time seems right to write about my forays so far in this Michigan spring gobbler season.

Looking toward bass fishing in June also seems right because the toms aren't cooperating.

There still is time for sure but not as much as in the past.

Everything shook out for me to hit the turkey woods May 11, which is my latest start ever.

I could have joined the rest of the crowd and opened at the end of April, but as much as I froze Wednesday, I'm just as happy I didn't opt for the first season.

True, the bugs are a minimal but part of the allure of spring turkey hunting is the nicer weather compared with deer hunting.

As the turkey gobbles, it appears that I'll have a handful of more opportunities before the season ends May 31.

That's the thing with getting older: more responsibilities and less time for getting out into the woods. (Mainly fewer vacation days at this job). Where most seasons I would get out anywhere from 10 to 15 times, for 2015 I'm targeting somewhere from five to 10 outings.

Where I hunt in the Thumb holds the best chance for hoisting a 20-pounder off the oak flats. The two times I was there -- Monday and Wednesday -- I had gobbles but no suitors willing to make that commitment for a closer look.

Seems like they have a private rendezvous spot across from our woods to the one in the west, where it's off limits.

But I see where the tactic should be to set up along our most southwestern border and try to draw them over for a look or stay later and wait for them to come back when they roost in our woods.

And I know they do because of the evidence I found -- a primary feather -- Wednesday under one of the older trees on the camp property.

So the tactics have been narrowed down to go along with the time constraints. Now if only a tom will accommodate the plan.

Will this be the turkey I get for Michigan's 2015 spring gobbler season? Guess you'll have to stay tuned to this blog and find out.
RTWO photo by Stacie Arnold