Monday, July 28, 2014

This little pond

ROA Photo by Mac Arnold
As usual, the big boys hit best at dark.

By Mac Arnold
ROA Editor

When you have an ancient Chinese secret fishing spot, it's best to keep it that way.

I'm not sure how long the gods will let it stay that way but I won't be the one with loose lips.

Anyway, it's close to the new house in Monroe County, Mich., and one that can be quickly accessed with the quad, which makes it doubly nice. (As I've said previously on this blog: I'm down with any gig that includes the four-wheeler.)

And so was the 5-year-old grandson Caiden.

"This is awwwwwwwwwwwwesome!!!!" he called out from behind me as we zoomed back to the house on the Suzuki.

Yes, it was, despite me desperately wanting to land a nice fish for him to put his hands on. But I lost the lunker as it flopped out of the water, came off and splashed back into the shallows.


This pond has salvaged a great summer for fishing even though I've been moving boxes daily under the hot sun for the last two weeks and only able to go down on the River Raisin once in the canoe ... in the rain even.

Life can be full of surprises. And it's the thing that is perfect for a 50-year-old geezer like myself because it's so convenient.

Pinch me, I think I'm dreaming.